Imran khan, PM of Pakistan, (Cricketer) Height, Age, Wife, Family, Biography

Imran khan, PM of Pakistan, (Cricketer) Height, Age, Wife, Family, Biography

Imran khan, PM of Pakistan, (Cricketer) Height, Age, Wife, Family, Biography

Imran khan, PM of Pakistan, (Cricketer) Height, Age, Wife, Family, Biography

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Full NameImran Ahmad Khan Niazi
Nickname(s)IK, The Lion of Lahore, The King of Swing
Profession(s)Politician and Former Pakistani Cricketer
Famous ForPakistan's first and only Cricket Captain to win the Cricket World Cup (1992)
Physical Stats & More
Height (approx.)in centimeters- 183 cm

in meters- 1.83 m

in feet inches- 6’
Weight (approx.)in kilograms- 75 kg

in pounds- 165 lbs
Eye ColourHazel Brown
Hair ColourSalt & Pepper
PartyPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)
Political Journey1̳9̳9̳6̳:̳ ̳F̳o̳u̳n̳d̳e̳d̳ ̳P̳a̳k̳i̳s̳t̳a̳n̳ ̳T̳e̳h̳r̳e̳e̳k̳-̳e̳-̳I̳n̳s̳a̳f̳ ̳(̳P̳T̳I̳)̳.̳
̳1̳9̳9̳7̳:̳ ̳R̳a̳n̳ ̳f̳o̳r̳ ̳t̳h̳e̳ ̳s̳e̳a̳t̳ ̳o̳f̳ ̳N̳a̳t̳i̳o̳n̳a̳l̳ ̳A̳s̳s̳e̳m̳b̳l̳y̳ ̳o̳f̳ ̳P̳a̳k̳i̳s̳t̳a̳n̳ ̳i̳n̳ ̳P̳a̳k̳i̳s̳t̳a̳n̳i̳ ̳G̳e̳n̳e̳r̳a̳l̳.̳ ̳E̳l̳e̳c̳t̳i̳o̳n̳ ̳f̳r̳o̳m̳ ̳t̳w̳o̳ ̳c̳o̳n̳s̳t̳i̳t̳u̳e̳n̳c̳i̳e̳s̳ ̳-̳ ̳N̳A̳-̳5̳3̳,̳ ̳M̳i̳a̳n̳w̳a̳l̳i̳ ̳a̳n̳d̳ ̳N̳A̳-̳9̳4̳,̳ ̳L̳a̳h̳o̳r̳e̳ ̳a̳n̳d̳ ̳l̳o̳s̳t̳ ̳b̳o̳t̳h̳.̳
̳1̳9̳9̳9̳:̳ ̳S̳u̳p̳p̳o̳r̳t̳e̳d̳ ̳G̳e̳n̳e̳r̳a̳l̳ ̳P̳e̳r̳v̳e̳z̳ ̳M̳u̳s̳h̳a̳r̳r̳a̳f̳'̳s̳ ̳m̳i̳l̳i̳t̳a̳r̳y̳ ̳c̳o̳u̳p̳
̳2̳0̳0̳2̳:̳ ̳E̳l̳e̳c̳t̳e̳d̳ ̳t̳o̳ ̳t̳h̳e̳ ̳N̳a̳t̳i̳o̳n̳a̳l̳ ̳A̳s̳s̳e̳m̳b̳l̳y̳ ̳o̳f̳ ̳P̳a̳k̳i̳s̳t̳a̳n̳ ̳f̳r̳o̳m̳ ̳M̳i̳a̳n̳w̳a̳l̳i̳ ̳i̳n̳ ̳P̳a̳k̳i̳s̳t̳a̳n̳i̳ ̳G̳e̳n̳e̳r̳a̳l̳ ̳E̳l̳e̳c̳t̳i̳o̳n̳.̳
̳2̳0̳0̳7̳:̳ ̳O̳n̳ ̳O̳c̳t̳o̳b̳e̳r̳ ̳2̳.̳ ̳j̳o̳i̳n̳e̳d̳ ̳8̳5̳ ̳o̳t̳h̳e̳r̳ ̳M̳P̳s̳ ̳t̳o̳ ̳r̳e̳s̳i̳g̳n̳ ̳f̳r̳o̳m̳ ̳P̳a̳r̳l̳i̳a̳m̳e̳n̳t̳ ̳i̳n̳ ̳p̳r̳o̳t̳e̳s̳t̳ ̳o̳f̳ ̳t̳h̳e̳ ̳p̳r̳e̳s̳i̳d̳e̳n̳t̳i̳a̳l̳ ̳e̳l̳e̳c̳t̳i̳o̳n̳ ̳s̳c̳h̳e̳d̳u̳l̳e̳d̳ ̳f̳o̳r̳ ̳6̳ ̳O̳c̳t̳o̳b̳e̳r̳.̳
̳2̳0̳1̳3̳:̳ ̳O̳n̳ ̳3̳0̳ ̳A̳p̳r̳i̳l̳,̳ ̳M̳a̳n̳z̳o̳o̳r̳ ̳W̳a̳t̳t̳o̳o̳ ̳p̳r̳e̳s̳i̳d̳e̳n̳t̳ ̳o̳f̳ ̳P̳a̳k̳i̳s̳t̳a̳n̳ ̳P̳e̳o̳p̳l̳e̳s̳ ̳P̳a̳r̳t̳y̳ ̳(̳P̳u̳n̳j̳a̳b̳)̳ ̳o̳f̳f̳e̳r̳e̳d̳ ̳I̳m̳r̳a̳n̳ ̳K̳h̳a̳n̳ ̳t̳h̳e̳ ̳o̳f̳f̳i̳c̳e̳ ̳o̳f̳ ̳P̳r̳i̳m̳e̳ ̳M̳i̳n̳i̳s̳t̳e̳r̳ ̳i̳n̳ ̳t̳h̳e̳ ̳p̳o̳s̳s̳i̳b̳l̳e̳ ̳c̳o̳a̳l̳i̳t̳i̳o̳n̳ ̳g̳o̳v̳e̳r̳n̳m̳e̳n̳t̳.̳ ̳H̳i̳s̳ ̳p̳a̳r̳t̳y̳ ̳P̳T̳I̳ ̳e̳m̳e̳r̳g̳e̳d̳ ̳a̳s̳ ̳t̳h̳e̳ ̳s̳e̳c̳o̳n̳d̳ ̳l̳a̳r̳g̳e̳s̳t̳ ̳p̳a̳r̳t̳y̳ ̳i̳n̳ ̳t̳h̳e̳ ̳2̳0̳1̳3̳ ̳P̳a̳k̳i̳s̳t̳a̳n̳ ̳G̳e̳n̳e̳r̳a̳l̳ ̳E̳l̳e̳c̳t̳i̳o̳n̳ ̳a̳n̳d̳ ̳I̳m̳r̳a̳n̳ ̳K̳h̳a̳n̳ ̳b̳e̳c̳a̳m̳e̳ ̳t̳h̳e̳ ̳p̳a̳r̳l̳i̳a̳m̳e̳n̳t̳a̳r̳y̳ ̳l̳e̳a̳d̳e̳r̳ ̳o̳f̳ ̳h̳i̳s̳ ̳p̳a̳r̳t̳y̳.̳
̳2̳0̳1̳4̳:̳ ̳O̳n̳ ̳1̳1̳ ̳M̳a̳y̳,̳ ̳h̳e̳ ̳a̳l̳l̳e̳g̳e̳d̳ ̳t̳t̳h̳a̳t̳ ̳t̳h̳e̳ ̳2̳0̳1̳3̳ ̳G̳e̳n̳e̳r̳a̳l̳ ̳E̳l̳e̳c̳t̳i̳o̳n̳s̳ ̳w̳e̳r̳e̳ ̳r̳i̳g̳g̳e̳d̳ ̳i̳n̳ ̳f̳a̳v̳o̳u̳r̳ ̳o̳f̳ ̳t̳h̳e̳ ̳r̳u̳l̳i̳n̳g̳ ̳P̳a̳k̳i̳s̳t̳a̳n̳ ̳M̳u̳s̳l̳i̳m̳ ̳L̳e̳a̳q̳u̳e̳.̳
̳2̳0̳1̳8̳:̳ ̳C̳o̳n̳t̳e̳s̳t̳e̳d̳ ̳t̳h̳e̳ ̳2̳0̳1̳8̳ ̳G̳e̳n̳e̳r̳a̳l̳ ̳E̳l̳e̳c̳t̳i̳o̳n̳s̳ ̳f̳r̳o̳m̳ ̳N̳A̳-̳9̳5̳ ̳M̳i̳a̳n̳w̳a̳l̳i̳ ̳a̳n̳d̳ ̳N̳A̳-̳5̳3̳ ̳I̳s̳l̳a̳m̳a̳b̳a̳d̳ ̳a̳n̳d̳ ̳w̳o̳n̳ ̳b̳o̳t̳h̳.̳
Biggest RivalNawaz Sharif
International DebutODI- 31 August 1974 against England at Trent Bridge, England
Test- 3 June 1971 against England at Edgbaston Cricket Ground, England
International RetirementODI- On 25 March 1992 against Englans at Melbourne Cricket Ground
Test- On 2 January 1992 against Sri Lanka at Iqbal Stadium, Faisalabad, Pakistan
Batting StyleRight Handed Bat
Bowling StyleRight-arm fast
Domestic/State Team(s)Lahore, Sussex, and New South Wales
Nature on FieldAggressive
Favourite ShotHitting 6 over bowler's head
Favourite Bowlin-dippers
Awards, Honours, Achievements 1983: Wisden Cricketer
1992: The Hilal e Imtiaz (Pakistan's second highest civilian award)
1993: Pride of Performance
2004: Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2004 Asian Jewel Awards in London
2008: Jinnah Award
2009: Humanitarian Award and ICC Hall of fame
Personal Life
Date of Birth5 October 1952
Age (as in 2017)65 Years
BirthplaceLahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Zodiac sign/Sun signSagittarius
Signature Imran Khan Signature
HometownLahore, Punjab, Pakistan
School(s)Royal Grammar School, Worcester, England

Aitchison College, Lahore
College/UniversityKeble College, Oxford, England
Educational QualificationsStudied Philosophy, Politics, and Economics and graduated with honours from Keble College, Oxford in 1975
Food HabitNon-Vegetarian
AddressKhan House, Bani Gala, Mohra Noor, Islamabad
HobbiesListening to Music, Watching Films, Tarvelling
Controversies• In 1994, he admitted to seam-lifting Test matches, and scratching the ball with a bottle top once in a county match in 1981.

• In 1996, he was sued by two former England cricketers Botham and Alan Lamb after he allegedly called them “racist.”

• In August 2017, Ayesha Gulalai (a Pakistani politician) framed allegations of harassment against Khan; claiming that she had been receiving offensive messages from him since October 2013. However, Imran Khan refuted the allegations by saying that it was a conspiracy by the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) to malign him.
Girls, Affairs & More
Marital StatusMarried
Affairs/Girlfriends Zeenat Aman, Bollywood Actress (mid 1970s)

Benazir Bhutto (Politician)

Karen Wishart (He met her at Oxford)

Emma Sergeant (English Artist)

Kate Fitzpatrick (Australian Actress)

Stephanie Beacham (British Actress)

Susannah Constantine (English TV Personality)

Denice D. Lewis (American Model)

Sita White (daughter of Sir (Vincent) Gordon Lindsay White, Baron White of Hull)

Jemima Goldsmith (British Producer)
Marriage DateWith First Wife- 16 May 1995
With Second Wife- January 2015
With Third Wife- 18 February 2018

First Wife- Jemima Goldsmith, British Producer (m. 1995; div. 2004)
Second Wife- Reham Khan, Journalist (m. 2015; div. 2015)
Third Wife- Bushra Manika (Imran Khan's Spritual Advisor)

ChildrenSon(s)- Sulaiman Isa Khan and Kasim Khan (from Jemima Goldsmith)
Imran Khan With His Sons
Daughter- Tyrian White (from Sita White)
Imran Khan With His Daughter Tyrian White
ParentsFather- Ikramullah Khan Niazi (a civil engineer)
Mother- Shaukat Khanum
Imran Khan Parents
SiblingsBrother- None
Sister(s)- Uzma Khanum,
Imran Khan Sister Uzma Khanum

Aleema Khanum,
Imran Khan Sister Aleema Khanum

Rubina Khanum,
Imran Khan Sister Rubina Khanum

Rani Khanum
Favourite Things
Favourite FoodRoasted Desi Murgi
Favourite Singer(s)Mohammad Rafi, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Favourite Cricketer(s)Dennis Lillee, Viv Richards, Michael Holding, Sunil Gavaskar, Abdul Qadir
Style Quotient
Cars CollectionToyota Land Cruiser Prado, Rolls Royce
Imran Khan In His Rolls Royce
Money Factor
Salary (approx.)Not Known
Net Worth (approx.)₹140 Crore ($13 million) (as in 2016)

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